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It's probably a bad thing when one's passion makes one not want to be where one is. I'm reading Geoff's case study on Antony and Cleopatra (or Antonym and Cleopatra, according to Word) and finding myself desperately wanting to dive into Midsummer and really work the text. There are about ten different essays I need to track down about fairy tales and the processes behind them, I've barely started restoring punctuation, I want to look at at least three other versions of the script (Variorum tops the list), I need to look for artists' renditions of Oberon, Titania, and Puck, at the very least, I need to listen to the opera...And I want to work on it now instead of declining Latin nouns and reading about the ways in which we persuade. I'm thrilled beyond thrilled with this assignment, but it's killing me to know that it's really still a year off.

Of course, I'm also still hyped like no other about my independent study. I'm meeting with Jac soon about how connected to the department my first reading is going to be, I need to compose my survey, I need to put out posters/feelers about interviews with a wide variety of people ([livejournal.com profile] amaresu, [livejournal.com profile] lornelover, [livejournal.com profile] melomena, y'all are on that list...) I have tons of books that I'm desperate to read through, I haven't finished The Shakespeare Company yet, I keep getting distracted. Maybe Jac is right, I should keep my involvement down this semester to give myself more time to play...

I feel like my manifesto for Playwrighting is going to be a lot more OMGSHAKESPEARE!!!!11!! than anything else. I can't help it...It's just...There is so much excitement, it's such a physical, mental, emotional rush to work with Shakespeare. I want to do everything and yell and dance and cry and fly. I don't know why I do theatre. I don't know why I love Shakespeare. But it's the best most fantastic drug there has ever, ever been. I'm totally addicted. More than the internet, more than anything else.

And I am so not doing my homework right now...

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