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We have now added podcasting and blogging to the list of things Geoff wants for Midsummer. It should be really awesome, but it's a lot of responsibility for me. He also wants to write a piece on the Wiki to be published in Theatre Topics. I get more nervous about this every day.
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We talked LARP in Midsummer meeting. Also, what the flower will be and what kind of magic the faeries actually have. Devon and I actually riff surprisingly well. I feel like Geoff is going in a much more presentational direction than I was hoping, but, y'know, whatever. I'm just the dramaturg. I'm not a fan of the current forest set design idea (fabric panels) but maybe a model will change my mind.
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Geoff is looking at a 60's-80's prom concept right now. I think it's really interesting. Theseus and Hippolyta as Prom King and Queen, the faeries having an underground anti-prom that the lovers flee to, the mechanicals as the AV club. The costumes and the music could end up really awesome. (Goth faeries is fairly intriguing) We listened to some Ann Hampton Callway, and I'm to be putting together a CD for him of things that would work for the end of the play. This makes right the things that distress me about the dramamturgy class.
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I spent the weekend downloading songs that in some way pertain to faeries and am now listening to them. Some of them are interesting, some of them are boring, and I cannot figure out how anyone listens to techno/electronica. It's all little beeps. But I'm starting, I think to get a feel for how people view faeries, by the types of music that are associated with faeries...

Bells. Lots and lots of jingly little bells. Short notes in quick runs. Light and frolicky for the most part. Interesting...I feel like what I've read of the faeries of olde would lead me in a completely different direction.


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